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What is Free2b?

Free2b is designed to help LGBQ teens manage their teen years and stay healthy.

Do I need my parents’ permission to participate in this study?

No, you do not need permission from your parent(s). But, if you want to tell them, you certainly can.

What will I do if I participate?

You will take 5 surveys on your laptop or tablet, NOT your phone. Each survey will take 15 minutes.

What kind of questions are on the surveys?

The surveys will ask about things like: making decisions, self-esteem, handling stress, and alcohol and other drug use.

Will I be paid?

Yes! You will be paid after each survey. $30 for completing survey 1, $35 for survey 2, $40 for survey 3, $45 for survey 4, and $50 for survey 5. All payments will be emailed to you as eGift cards.

Are there any other parts to the study?

Yes! You will have access to a website designed just for study participants. The site will include features on members of the LGBTQ community; important LGBTQ resources; and fun things like hacks, horoscopes, fortunes, and quotes of the day.

Also, some participants — chosen at random — will be asked to watch several 20-minute online sessions between Survey 1 and Survey 2. These sessions will be accessible from the Free2b website using your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You will not be asked to install or download anything onto your device.

Remember, not everyone will be asked to complete the sessions.

Who will see my survey answers?

The ONLY people who will see your survey answers are the researchers at Columbia running the study. Your name will NEVER appear on your surveys.

Your identity, your participation in the study, and your study data are protected information; we will not share your information with anyone — even in civil or criminal investigations.

Are there any benefits to me if I participate?

It’s not likely, but the people working on the project hope to learn things that could help LGBQ teens in the future.

Are there any potential risks to me if I participate?

Though unlikely, there is a chance you could be uncomfortable answering questions about your sexual orientation, your gender identity, or you and your friends' drug use.

There is also the chance of a breach of data confidentiality.

Anything else I should know?

Your participation in this study is VOLUNTARY. If you decide to participate now, but you want to stop later, that is okay.

We are required by law to inform the proper legal authorities if you tell us that you are being abused, you intend to hurt yourself, or you intend to hurt someone else.

How do I sign up?

Easy. We just need you to answer 5 questions about the project. Once your answers are correct, you will be enrolled. If you get anything wrong, take the quiz again.

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